Writing dates back over five thousand years ago. In fact, prehistory is the period when humanity did not possess any form of written language. The entirety of our history is in writing. The human race has thrived in correlation to literacy. Concepts of love are encapsulated and sent across seas, valleys, and mountains. Theories of physics, chemistry, engineering, civil engineering, penal codes, modern medicine, molecular biology, international laws, universal human rights, Sci-Fi and countless more ideas, theses, hypotheses, as we know them are all possible because we humans could write down our ideas.

And as far as we know, it’s just us right now that write letters to each other in the galaxy. But, what if we’re not? What if, there were intelligent civilisations before us in our solar system, and all of them vanished, the winds of eons wiping everything into indistinguishable dust, except for one. A nomadic tribe that has migrated through the evolution and extinction of intelligent beings throughout the planets of our solar system, and now their vessel “Forever” is parked on the dark side of the moon, hidden from our detection by superior technology. What are their intentions? Why haven’t they come over and introduce themselves? Are they friendly, do they eat meat, and etc…

See how much each of us has to offer and explore your imagination, read and write, write and read, weave a depiction of our time’s quiescence. Ideas can be slippery, elusive, so, catch them whenever you have the chance. By writing down your thoughts and ideas, you are creating something, you are becoming a part of something and giving opportunities for others to be a part of something bigger than just ourselves, as well. When we share ideas we thrive. Aspirations of opening your own online business, the story of your fling with another girl that your boyfriend doesn’t know about, yet, or your Sci-Fi novel plots, anything and everything that you have passion for is worth writing down, worth endeavouring towards, worth planning for.

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