Our Story

Laamer is Thai for talking or moving around during sleep. The actual word would be la – mer, the extra ‘a’ is to make you drag the ‘a’ sound a bit, for fun. Generally, it has a negative connotation; attempting to achieve something that is out of reach, daydreaming. But, we don’t care. It sounds nice. It rows out nice “laa – mer”, it’s sounds like “the sea” in French, which is cool. We like acting out our dreams and chasing them. We write down our dreams. Both the ones we have during sleep with the rapid eye movements, and have psychoanalytic theories about, or foretell of the beyonds, future and past lives with, and the dreams that we simply wish to live.

We cordially invite you to plan your dreams along with us. Dreams and ideas are fragile and need consistence to be realised. Laamer understands dreamers, we’re dreamers too.

สำหรับ 200 เล่มแรก รับสติ๊กเกอร์เกร๋ๆ ไว้ติดสมุด 2 ชิ้น ฟรี!!